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  • Radial Shockwave
    Our Products Radial Shockwave

    We offer a wide range of radial ESWT devices for use in physiotherapy & orthopedics, medical aesthetics, and veterinary. 

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  • Pressotherapy
    Our Products Pressotherapy

    Various stationary and mobile intermittent pneumatic compression devices for physiotherapy clinics, hospitals, cosmetology offices, Beauty & Spa centers, and homes.

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  • Kinesiotherapy
    Our Products Kinesiotherapy

    Simple, fun, and safe cycling exercise for people with mobility difficulty to get moving again, strengthen muscles, and improve wellness.

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  • Electrical Stimulation
    Our Products Electrical Stimulation

    We provide TENS, NMES, MCR, FES, EMS units for pain management, dysphagia treatment, foot drop treatment, muscle strengthening, and body sculpting.

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  • Electrostatic Oscillation
    Our Products Electrostatic Oscillation

    Handheld, Flexible, Effective. PowerOsci LGT-2360S is an innovative solution for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and medical aesthetic treatment.

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  • Cryotherapy
    Our Products Cryotherapy

    Using extremely cold temperatures to treat acute injuries or inflammation in a specific area. It also provides beauty treatments for the face, neck, and decollete.

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  • Combination Therapy
    Our Products Combination Therapy

    Up to 3 different treatment modalities in one device, significantly improving patient care and maximizing outcomes.

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LONGEST MEDICAL develops, manufactures, and supplies advanced medical equipment for a wide variety of applications, including physiotherapy, neurological rehabilitation, post-surgical recovery, and medical aesthetics. Products are soled to 80+ countries and regions. 




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