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  • Acoustic Wave Therapy
    Our Products Acoustic Wave Therapy

    Reliable, affordable, easy to use, and versatile, PowerWave systems provide efficient acoustic wave therapy taking your aesthetic business to the next level.

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  • Electrostatic Oscillation Therapy
    Our Products Electrostatic Oscillation Therapy

    PowerOsci LGT-2360S, lightweight and pocket-sized, provides more effortless and flexible cellulite and skin rejuvenation treatments.

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  • Pressotherapy
    Our Products Pressotherapy

    LGT-2200 Series makes lymphatic drainage more efficient, helping detox the body, smooth cellulite, and get a healthier body and skin.

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  • Electrical Stimulation Therapy
    Our Products Electrical Stimulation Therapy

    LGT-2320BE is a 12-channel electrical stimulation machine designed to assist in fat reduction and body contouring.

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  • Cryotherapy
    Our Products Cryotherapy

    Our innovative cryotherapy system LGT-2410S is designed for more effective beauty and aesthetic treatment. It decreases edema, nerve conduction velocities, cellular metabolism, and local blood flow. It is a convenient, user-friendly, economical, and high-efficiency therapeutic system.

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Longest Medical specializes in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of non-invasive medical aesthetic equipment for a wide variety of aesthetic needs, well-suited for hospitals, medical cosmetic clinics, beauty salons, spa & wellness centers, postpartum care centers, fitness centers, and homes.



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