What's pressotherapy & how does it work?

Pressotherapy is a non-invasive, pain-free, effective method of lymphatic drainage, an great alternative to the manual lymphatic drainage massage. It helps improve circulation, enhance detoxification, and reduce cellulite. This beauty treatment is becoming increasingly popular for people who want to look and feel better every day.

The operation of pressotherapy is simple. The process involves the use of an air pump and different sleeves worn around the body (choose according to where you want to treat). The pump sends a sequence of different air pressures to the sleeves, alternating between pressing on the body parts and then deflating. These intermittent compression and decompression on the body can help stimulate the functioning of the lymphatic system.

  • Poor circulation
  • Fluid retention
  • Edema
  • Cellulite
  • Skin laxity
  • Stretch marks
  • Varicose vein circulation
  • Muscle and joint problems such as pain and stiffness
  • General tiredness
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  • Pressotherapy Machine for Lymphatic Drainage LGT-2210DS

    IPC Pump Lymphatic Drainage Massage Machine LGT-2210DS

    LGT-2210DS is a cutting-edge IPC pump delivering seamless and comfortable gradient and sequential pneumatic compressions to effectively boost blood and lymph flow.  It supports 4-chamber leg/arm cuffs, 6-chamber leg/arm cuffs, and 24-chamber full-body cuffs.    Smart garment recognition Turn off chambers individually Large touchscreen with an intuitive user interface 49 preset compression modes Wide range of overlapping cuffs
  • Portable Leg Compression Machine LGT-2200SP

    FDA 510 (k) Home Pneumatic Compression Machine LGT-2200SP

    At-home air compression treatment gives a huge boost to people's health LGT-2200SP is specially designed for individuals to get effective lymphatic drainage air compression therapy and enjoy some personal relaxation in the comfort of their homes. It is primed to improve poor circulation, increase muscle flexibility, and supply the peace of mind that accompanies self-care.   Highlight Advanced air compression system Portable & battery operated 6 compression modes Full-body compression experience Perfect for: athletes, people living with lymphedema and chronic pain, and people looking for everyday affordable ultimate body relaxation
  • 4-Channel Lymphatic Drainage Massager IPC Machine

    4-Channel Lymphatic Drainage Massage Pressotherapy Machine LGT-2200WM

    Efficiently Cellulite Reduction, Body Relaxation, and Lymphedema Management LGT-2200WM is a 4-channel Effcient Pressotherapy Machine for Salon and Clinic Use, ensuring accurate and safe pressures and appropriate cycle times for superior results.   Highlights 4-channel design, increased efficiency Individual pressure setting for each chamber 8 preset compression modes, simplify the operation Durable, reusable, breathable, easy-to-sanitize garments High quality & affordable Pressure range: 37-187mmHg  
  • 24-Chamber Full-Body Cuffs for Lymphatic Drainage

    24-Chamber Full-Body Cuffs for IPC Machine LGT-2210DS

    24-Chamber Cuffs for Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Massage Machine LGT-2210DS is intended for lymphatic drainage treatment in the areas of the breast, abdomen, hips, thigh, legs, and feet. Suitable to use in post-surgical rehabilitation, post-workout recovery, lymphatic drainage massage, skin firming, and body sculpting. Compatible with: LGT-2210DS
  • 8-chamber Full Body pneumatic compression Sleeves

    8-chamber Full Body Air Compression Sleeves

    Made of 420 Denier Nylon, heavy-duty zipper, and fine workmanship, these overlapping 8-chamber Full Body Air Compression Sleeves are durable, non-fading, and non-deformation.   Highlights Full lower body therapy Easy application and removal with zipper High-quality 420 Denier Nylon and easy to clean surface
  • 4-Chamber Air Compression Calf & Foot Cuff

    4-Chamber Calf & Foot Air Pressure Compression Sleeves

    4-Chamber Calf & Foot Air Pressure Compression Sleeves intended for lymphatic drainage treatment (pressure massage). The Sleeves have high-quality material, easy to clean.   Highlights Easy on and off with high quality zippers High-quality 420 Denier Nylon Smooth surface, easy cleaning  
  • 4-Chamber Arm Upper body Air Compression Sleeves

    4-Chamber Arm Air Compression Sleeves

    4-Chamber Arm Sleeves treat the entire arm and shoulder. Easy to fasten, easy to clean. The arm garments are available for the right arm or left.   Highlights Easy to put on and take off High-quality zippers along the entire cuff
  • 4-Chamber Thigh & Hip compression therapy device for beauty salons

    4-Chamber Thigh & Hip Air Compression Sleeves

    Lymphatic drainage (compression massage) of the thighs, buttocks, and hips is made possible with the 4-Chamber Thigh & Hip Air Compression Short Pant Cuff. For skin tightening, contouring, and post-exercise regeneration after injuries.   Highlights Easy of use  High-quality material  
  • 4-Chamber Jacket Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Blood Circulation

    4-Chamber Jacket Pneumatic Compression Blood Circulation

    The 4-Chamber Jacket's special design allows the garment to conform to the limbs as it fills with air. The garments are made from the same durable, comfortable material as our other garments.    Highlights Easy of use  High-quality material and easy to clean
  • 4-Chamber Leg Massager portable  Air Pressure Compression Sleeve

    4-Chamber Leg Air Compression Sleeves

    Designed with patient comfort and clinical effectiveness in mind, our 4-Chamber Leg Compression Sleeves are easy to put on and easy to take off.    Highlights Made of high quality and durable material, easy to clean Zipper along the entire cuff and easy to put on and take off 
  • 8-chamber Full Body Intermittent Compression Therapy Cuff for LGT-2200WM

    8-chamber Full Body Sequential Compression Therapy Cuff for LGT-2200WM

    3-layer zipper for adjustable size, gradient 8-chamber full body sequential compression therapy cuff used with our IPC pump LGT-2200WM to increase blood flow, move lymphatic fluid, relax muscle, and help a fitter and healthier body.   Highlights Full lower body therapy Easy application and removal with zipper and Velcro strap 3 layers of zippers, adjustable for different sizes: S, M, L With a lining for easy cleaning  
  • 8-chamber Lower Extremity Compression Sleeves

    8-chamber Leg Compression Sleeves

    Designed with patient comfort and clinical effectiveness in mind, our 8-chamber Leg Compression Sleeves provide effective pneumatic compression therapy to the patient's lower extremity, supporting various needs such as lymphedema management, pain & swelling relief, cellulite removal, muscle toning, etc.    Highlights Various sizes (S, M, L) Made of high quality and durable material, easy to clean High quality zippers for easy application and removal
  • 8-chamber Upper Extremity Compression Sleeves

    8-chamber Arm Compression Sleeves for LGT-2200WM

    8-chamber Arm Compression Sleeves provide effective compression therapy for patients living with lymphedema, mostly caused by breast cancer treatment.   Highlights Durable, comfortable, and easy to clean Easy to put on and take off with high-quality zippers
  • 4-chamber abdominal compression garment

    4-chamber waist compression garment for LGT-2200WM

    Easy to put on and take off, comfortable and effective compression therapy, LONGEST 4-chamber waist compression garment is intended to treat the abdominal area. 
Why Choose Us?
Let therapists treat in comfort, in the office, or on the go, at the bedside. Easy to use and reliable system and a wide range of protocols help therapists enhance capabilities and increase productivity remarkably.
  • QHow long does a pressotherapy session take?
    A It varies depending on the specific conditions. A typical session will last for 30-45 minutes. 
  • QHow often should I use pressotherapy?
    A The number of treatments depends on your body composition, you age, your beauty goals and lifestyle, etc. Healthy diet and exercise can also help with lymphatic drainage. If you are not regularly active, you may do more sessions. If you exercise a lot, you may feel pain, soreness, swelling, and fatigue in muscles, you can use pressotherapy to help relieve. If you suffer from health conditions such as lymphedema because of diabetes, consulting your therapist for the treatment is recommended.
  • QCan I do pressotherapy by myself at home?
    A Of course. We have at-home pressotherapy device LGT-2200SP. The device is small and portable, ideal for personal use in a wide variety of settings. But pressotherapy is not suitable for everyone, please check the contraindications. If you have any health conditions, please contact us or consult your doctor before use.
  • QIs pressotherapy safe?
    A Pressotherapy is a non-invasive and painless treatment. The treatment process feels like a massage and you will feel rejuvenated afterwards. 
  • QWho is Pressotherapy for?

    • People who rely on lymphatic drainage to detoxify their body
    • People who receive regular body contouring
    • People suffering from lymphedema
    • Pre and post surgery
    • Athletes or fitness lovers
    • People who feels pain, stiff, and fatigue in their muscles and joints
    • People suffering from poor circulation

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