Non-invasive at Its Best

Non-invasive aesthetic treatments have gained significant popularity in recent years. People are increasingly seeking non-surgical alternatives to enhance their appearance without the need for invasive procedures or extended downtime.


LONGEST MEDICAL provides a wide range of non-invasive, safe, and efficient medical aesthetic devices for various body and skin treatments, including targeted fat reduction, cellulite removals, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, etc.

  • Cellulite
  • Body Slimming & Contouring 
  • Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation
  • Facial Beauty & Anti-aging
  • Body Relaxation
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation
  • Improved Lymphatic Drainage
  • Lymphedema Management
Related Products
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine for Cellulite & Stretch Mark

    Portable Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine for Cellulite PowerWave LGT-2500S

    Embrace Cellulite-Free Skin! Radial Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine PowerWave LGT-2500S is a non-invasive, painless, and safe way to treat cellulite on arms, thighs, and buttocks. The treatment is effective, simple to perform, and carries few risks. It is increasingly incorporated into the services of beauty clinics.    Highlights Compact in dimensions for increased portability Built-in tanker Premium air compressor from Germany A wide range of protocols Intuitive touchscreen interface Circumference measurement Ergonomic handpiece, easy to maintain Certified by FDA, CE, TGA, Health Canada
  • Localized Cryotherapy Machine for Skin Treatment

    Localized Cryotherapy Machine for Skin Rejuvenation, -78℃,50 bar CO2 Flow, Best Cryo Machine LGT-2410S

    Chill Your Way to Beautiful Skin. Local Cryo Machine LGT-2410S is an innovative technology that allows you to deliver a safe, fast, and efficient skin rejuvenation treatment. The procedure is painless and requires no downtime.   Highlights -78℃, 50 bar CO2 flow Real-time skin temperature monitoring Over cooling protection (automatic turnoff when skin temp. is below designated temp.) Large intuitive touchscreen interface NRS function to track the treatment progress
  • Pressotherapy Machine for Lymphatic Drainage LGT-2210DS

    24-chamber Full Body Air Compression Therapy Machine for Lymphatic Drainage LGT-2210DS

    LGT-2210DS is a cutting-edge air compression therapy device delivering seamless and comfortable gradient and sequential pneumatic compressions to effectively boost blood and lymph flow.     Highlights 7-inch touchscreen Automatic recognition of cuffs Intuitive display of real-time treatment status  Hand switch for emergency stop A wide range of preset compression modes  User-defined compression modes for more personalized treatment Quick and active deflation Individual pressure adjustment of each chamber Individual turnoff of each chamber Gradient pressure High-quality multi-chamber overlapping compression cuffs Well-designed compression cuffs for safe, comfortable, and seamless compression Rotary knob for quick parameter setting Inflation sequence demo in animation Patient database
  • 4-Channel Lymphatic Drainage Massager IPC Machine

    4-Channel 8-Chamber Full Body Air Compression Therapy Machine LGT-2200WM

    The 4-channel air compression therapy machine LGT-2200WM is designed for beauty clinics to help individuals relieve swelling, improve blood circulation, and boost metabolism, leaving skin looking firmed, toned, and glowing. The gradient pressure also gives the muscles a good massage, which is great for relieving fatigue and restoring energy.   Highlights Pressure: up to 187mmHg 4 channels with a 5.7‘’ touchscreen Comfortable inflation and deflation Durable & easy-to-use sleeves Individually adjustable pressure for each chamber 8 compression modes Real-time pressure monitoring of each chamber Can connect with 2 pcs full-body cuffs simultaneously Certification: CE, NRTL  
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