Physiotherapy on the Rise

Physiotherapy uses physical techniques and exercises to promote, maintain, and restore physical well-being and function. It focuses on assisting people who have been affected by injury, illness, or disability in achieving their maximum potential for movement and function.


The global need for physiotherapy has been increasing in recent years.


  • Aging population: Many countries are experiencing a significant increase in their elderly population who often require rehabilitation and physical therapy to maintain their mobility and manage pain.
  • Increase in chronic diseases: The prevalence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and musculoskeletal disorders is rising globally. Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in managing these conditions.
  • Sports and fitness: With the growing emphasis on physical activities and sports participation, the demand for physiotherapy services for athletes and active individuals has also increased.
When's Physiotherapy Used?
  • Musculoskeletal conditions: Reduce back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and arthritis pain
  • Sports medicine: Reduce pain, relax and strengthen muscles, and promote the recovery of sports injuries.
  • Circulatory conditions: Improve circulation and prevent or alleviate conditions like DVT, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, etc.
  • Women’s health: Address pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence, etc.
Related Products
  • ESWT Shockwave Therapy Machine

    The Latest ESWT Shockwave Therapy Machine PowerShocker LGT-2500X

    Streamlining workflows with an easy-to-use ESWT device. PowerShocker LGT-2500X is a simple, fast, and precise way to treat musculoskeletal disorders. The newest member of the PowerShocker Family of radial shockwave therapy machines.   Highlights Large touchscreen Rotary knob for quick parameters setting Energy range from 0.3bar Automatic handpiece recognition Handpiece with a control panel Preset protocols with image guidance User-defined protocols VAS & ROM assessment system Patient Database Account management to safeguard patient data
  • Portable ESWT Device for Orthopedics

    Portable ESWT Shockwave Therapy Device PowerShocker LGT-2500S

    PowerShocker LGT-2500S is a lightweight and portable shockwave therapy machine that allows physiotherapists to deliver speedy treatment wherever the patient is located, even at patient’s home. It also takes up less space, avoiding overcrowding of the facility.   Highlights 7" touchscreen with an intuitive interface Integrated vibration therapy Vibration transmitters in 3 sizes (Ø 10 mm, Ø 25 mm, Ø 40 mm) 6 kinds of shockwave transmitters from 6A to 36R Preset protocols with image guidance User-defined protocols Pressure: 1.0-5.0bar Frequency: 1-22HZ Pulse: 1-8000 2-year warranty Certified: FDA, NRTL, INMETRO, CE, TGA, Health Canada
  • ESWT Device for Musculoskeletal Disorders Treatment PowerShocker LGT-2500S Plus

    ESWT Shockwave Therapy Device, Integrated with Vibration Therapy PowerShocker LGT-2500S Plus

    Designed for simplicity and flexibility. PowerShocker LGT-2500S Plus stands out because of its reliability, precision, and durability down to the last detail. This portable radial shockwave therapy device incorporates vibration therapy, allowing for an increased range of indications and improved patient care.   Highlights 7'' touchscreen with an intuitive interface Integrated vibration therapy Vibration transmitters in 3 sizes (Ø 10 mm, Ø 25 mm, Ø 40 mm) 6 kinds of shockwave transmitters from 6A to 36R Preset protocols with image guidance User-defined protocols Pressure: 1.0-5.0bar Frequency: 1-22HZ Pulse: 1-8000 2-year warranty Certified: FDA, NRTL, INMETRO, CE, TGA, Health Canada
  • ESWT Equipment PowerShocker LGT-2500F

    ESWT Shockwave Therapy Device with "Lease" Mode PowerShocker LGT-2500F

    “Lease” mode to expand business opportunities. PowerShocker LGT-2500F radial shockwave therapy device is designed with a “Lease” mode for the owner to lease the device to others to maximize the utilization of the devices and accelerate ROI.   Highlights  “Lease” Mode 10.4'' foldable touchscreen Integrated trolley Rotary knob for quick parameters adjustment Patient database Support file download User-defined protocols Pulse: 1-15,000 2 years of warranty FDA-cleared
  • Air Compression Therapy Device for Physiotherapy LGT-2200L

    2-Channel Professional Pressotherapy Machine for Physiotherapy Clinics LGT-2200L

    The pressotherapy machine LGT-2200L is easy to use and available at an affordable price. It provides a pressure range from 37mmHg to 187mmHg, meeting a wide range of needs from simple muscle relaxation and lymphatic drainage improvement to more complicated clinical requirements. It is suitable for use in physiotherapy clinics, spa & wellness centres, and rehab centres.    Highlights 5.7’’ touchscreen, intuitive interface 18 compression modes Gradient pressure setting: 100%, 85%, 70%, 60% Various overlapping garments: 4/8 chamber arm sleeve, 4/8 chamber leg sleeve, 4-chamber waist sleeve, 8-chamber full body sleeve, 2-chamber calf sleeve, 1-chamber foot sleeve. Certification: CE, NRTL  
  • TENS Device for Pain Relief

    Portable Muscle Stimulator TENS unit to Effective Pain Relief MStim Reha LGT-231

    Immediate Pain Relief with TENS Unit! MStim Reha LGT-231 is a portable TENS & NMES device suitable for use by healthcare providers and individuals for effective pain relief treatment wherever. The device is versatile providing both TENS and NMES treatment and the user app makes it easy to operate and set up the treatment.   Highlights Compact and Portable Battery-Operated 2 Channels NMES & TENS A Wide Range of Indications Preset Protocols with Pad Placement Guidance Custom Protocols User App Control - "MStim Reha" Certification: CE, FDA, Health Canada 2 Years of Warranty
  • Localized Cryotherapy Machine for Instant Pain Relief LGT-2410S

    Cold Therapy for Instant Pain Relief Localized Cryotherapy Machine LGT-2410S

    Freeze the Pain Away! The cryotherapy device LGT-2410S used advanced localized cryotherapy technology, offering unmatched precision, efficacy, safety, and ease of use. The device combines the effects of cold and pressure. In the cylinder, the CO2 liquid is pressurized. When treating, the valve is open and the gas streams out through the applicator and hits the targeted area at a temperature of -78℃ and a pressure of 50 bars. At room temperature, hitting the treated area at a distance of 4cm can lower the skin temperature of the treated area to 4 ℃ in the 30s.   Highlights 11-inch full-color LCD touchscreen Therapeutic encyclopedia with image guidance Real-time detection of skin temperature Hypothermia pop-up with automatic stop and light cues NRS function to track the treatment progress Integrated trolley for better mobility
Why Choose Us?
  • QWhat types of physiotherapy equipment you offer?

    Longest Medical provides various equipment to treat and rehabilitate patients suffering from chronic pain, sports injuries, and orthopedic surgeries.


    • Shockwave therapy machines:  widely used to treat musculoskeletal conditions, enhance tissue healing, and manage chronic pain.
    • Electrical stimulation devices: used to manage pain, reduce muscle spasms, and improve muscle function.
    • Cryotherapy machine: applying extreme cold to treated areas for instant pain relief or inflammation control.
    • Pressotherapy machine: used to effectively eliminate pain and swelling, reduce muscle tension, enhance blood circulation, and speed up recovery after intense physical activities or prolonged immobilization due to injuries or surgeries.
    • Ultrasound machine: using high-frequency sound waves to provide deep tissue heating and promote tissue healing.
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