Home Use Pressotherapy Machine to Improve Lives of People Living with Lymphedema

Jun 15,2023


lymphedema treatment


LONGEST MEDICAL, a professional rehabilitation and medical aesthetic equipment manufacturer since 2000, has developed a home-use lymphatic drainage device to help people living with chronic lymphedema manage their symptoms more easily and affordably and improve their quality of life significantly.


Lymphedema occurs when lymph transport is insufficient and tissues swell because of the buildup of lymph fluid. It is the common side effect of cancer and its treatments. Lymphedema can not be cured and can lead to pain, swelling, limited mobility, and skin infections and changes. The effective management of lymphedema is therefore important for patients health and quality of life.


However, the lymphedema treatment can be costly. Studies reported that patient-borne costs related to breast cancer-related lymphedema ranged between USD $2306 and USD $2574 per year. On average, a lymphatic drainage massage costs $75 to $100 or more. LONGEST MEDICAL noticed the increasing need for a more convenient and more affordable lymphatic massage service and developed a home-use pressotherapy machine which has been commonly used in hospitals to help patients after surgery prevent blood clots, reduce edema, and promote recovery.


Home lymphatic massage device


LGT-2200SP is an FDA 510K cleared home use pneumatic compression machine offering everyday affordable, comfortable, and effective lymphatic massage for people living with lymphedema. It comes with various compression garments, providing the whole body massage experience or a focused massage to targeted areas including arms, the upper body, hips, legs, and feet.


At-home self-management of lymphedema not only saves costs but also reduces the need to travel to the therapists office, making it a great option for people who are busy. Whats more, patients can get timely treatment whenever needed.


Currently, estimated up to 250 million people worldwide have lymphedema - more than 10 million in America and 15 million in Europe. As the global population ages and the rates of lymphedema increase, effective home lymphedema treatments are believed to become increasingly important.

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