New Innovation for Body Sculpting and Skin Treatment

Aug 23,2023


LONGEST MEDICAL has recently expanded its product portfolio and launched the cryotherapy system LGT-2410S which uses sudden extreme cold to stimulate the natural response of the body to address many aesthetic concerns such as skin laxity, excess fat, wrinkles, etc. Cryotherapy or cold therapy has long been widely used to relieve pain and reduce swelling after injuries. In aesthetics, it is increasingly popular in helping weight loss, wrinkle removal, and skin rejuvenation.


 Innovative Body Sculpting Cryotherapy System LGT-2410S


Skin Rejuvenation- it is all about tricking the skin.

Cryotherapy uses the same principle for most rejuvenation treatments. It makes your skin think that there is a wound, then your body starts to produce more collagen. The higher collagen levels, the smoother and firmer your skin will be. But it is important to control the duration and temperature so it doesn’t cause scarring.


The LONGEST cryotherapy system LGT-2410S has a large screen displaying the real-time temperature and duration of treatment. And the handpiece has a small screen displaying this important information too, so that the practitioners can conduct the cryotherapy treatment in a more controlled manner.


 innovative skin rejuvenation cryotherapy system LGT-2410S


Freeze the Fat Off

Studies have supported that regular exposure to low temperatures can trigger fat reduction. A 2013 study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that repeated intermittent cold exposures or daily mild cold therapy at a temperature of as low as 17 ℃ for 2 hours a day might be a feasible way against obesity. It can increase energy expenditure and promote fat burning. A 2018 research published in the Journal of Obesity also indicated that long-term cryotherapy could generate cold-induced thermogenesis and trigger fat reduction.


The LONGEST cryotherapy system LGT-2410S hits the targeted area with a gas stream at a temperature of -78℃. At room temperature, it will lower the skin temperature to 4℃ in only 30 seconds.


Potential of Cryotherapy in Aesthetics

We believe there is a strong future for cryotherapy in aesthetics as this treatment is efficient, gentle, and natural. According to a market report, the cryotherapy market will reach USD 738.5 million by 2032 propelled by a surge in demand for cryotherapy in Beauty & Wellness clinics. 

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