Electrical Stimulation for Weight Loss: Things You Might Wonder

August 07, 2023


Electrical stimulation therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the aesthetic world as it helps people burn fat with less effort, improve workout effects, and achieve a toned and firm body. What’s more, the treatment is non-invasive, fast, pain-free, and without side effects. It is an extremely ideal option for those who find it hard to lose weight or can not do exercises to lose weight



How does electrical stimulation work?


Electrical stimulation machines produce electrical impulses and send them to your body via electrodes attached to the skin. The electrical impulses can cause targeted muscle groups to contract in a more intense and frequent manner to increase calories burned.


When using the EMS for training, the electrical impulses can activate more muscle fiber into exercising, which can effectively improve muscle strength.



What are the benefits of electrical stimulation?


  • Non-invasive, no lasting side effects


The treatment uses electrical impulses to activate motor neurons to bring about more muscle contraction. It is non-invasive, non-medication, simpler, safer, and without lasting side effects.


  • Effective & Versatile


Electrical stimulation provides many other noticeable therapeutic benefits not just weight loss, such as pain relief, cellulite reduction, muscle strengthening & toning, skin tightening, blood circulation improvement, and so on.


  • Suitable for various health conditions


Unlike traditional exercise which has physical barriers in place that can prevent many from taking part, it is a great alternative for those who can not perform certain sports or long gym routines.



How does electrical stimulation feel like


As electrical impulses are applied to the body, you might feel tingly slightly. When using EMS unit for muscle strengthening, higher intensity is required. In this case, the tingling sensation will be stronger, but it should never leave any side effects on the body. The treatment is fairly safe for adults.




Where can I get electrical stimulation treatment?


Many spa and wellness centers or beauty salons provide electrical stimulation treatment. There are EMS units for personal use available. But if you are new to this treatment, it is recommended to get the electrical stimulation treatment under the guidance of professionals. The correct voltage or intensity is important for efficacy and safety. And incorrect use might cause muscle damage.



Is electrical stimulation suitable for everyone?


Electrical stimulation is suitable for most people of all skin types, but if you have the following conditions, do not use electrical stimulation for any purpose.


  • Being pregnant
  • Wearing a pacemaker or a defibrillator
  • Being prone to seizure
  • Having serious infectious diseases


And electrical stimulation should not be applied to:

  • Areas where cancerous lesions exist
  • Areas that are swollen, infected, or inflamed (eg. Varicose vein)
  • The anterior neck or through the head

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