How does acoustic wave therapy help reduce cellulite appearance?

September 06, 2023


Cellulite, also known as orange-peel skin is a very common skin condition. It causes lumpy, dimpled flesh, and uneven surfaces on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. The condition is harmless but affects the physical appearance.


Fast facts

  • Cellulite affects women more than men. 80%~90% of women will probably experience cellulite.
  • Cellulite gets worse with age. As women age, less estrogen is produced which means poorer circulation and a decrease in new collagen production. 
  • Cellulite runs in families. If your grandma and mom From 25 to 35, the cellulite starts to appear.
  • had cellulite, you have a better chance of developing it.
  • Regular exercise can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Stretching and strengthening areas where cellulite appears can tighten the skin and make cellulite less noticeable. Remember, to smooth out the skin, you need to do strength training, running or other forms of cardio only wont help.
  • Staying hydrated helps fight cellulite. Drinking water and eating food with high water content can keep the connective tissue strong and supple.
  • Over 1.9 billion adults were overweight and over 650 million were obese. The rise in the overweight and obese population is fueling the growth of the cellulite treatment market. The global cellulite treatment market size was estimated at US$ 1.4 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 11.1%.


How does cellulite happen?


Cellulite occurs when underlying fat deposits begin to push through layers of collagen fibers or connective tissue. Therefore, to prevent cellulite, it is important to increase collagen levels and strengthen connective tissue.


How does acoustic wave therapy work to reduce cellulite?

 acoustic wave therapy for cellulite treatment


Acoustic wave treatment can stimulate new collagen production in the deeper layers of the tissues to result in more toned and elastin skin and therefore improve the appearance of cellulite.


The acoustic waves were also found to be highly effective in improving the elasticity of subcutaneous connective tissues and disrupting the fibrous tissue responsible for the appearance of cellulite. Besides, acoustic waves can break up fat cells and improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.


It takes several sessions of treatment to see good results. The intensity of the pulses and duration of treatment will depend on the severity of the cellulite being treated and the patients tolerance to the therapy.


PowerWave LGT-2500S Plus is a powerful acoustic wave therapy machine for cellulite, widely chosen by beauty therapists for its portability, high performance, easy operation, and reduced maintenance needs. The device not only provides powerful and precise acoustic wave treatment but also provides vibration massage which helps effectively relieve pain, and discomfort and relax muscles.

acoustic wave therapy device



  • 7-inch LCD touchscreen
  • Preset protocols with image guidance
  • Built-in air tanker for continuous energy
  • Before and after circumference comparison
  • Pressure range: 1.0-5.0bar
  • Frequency range: 1-22Hz
  • Pulse: 1-8,000


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